You begin at the end

working backward
step by step
trying to understand
how it came
to this.

What if
there is

What if this
is all
there is?


When you think of me

remember that I
will think of you
later on
in this day which has
seen you first.

When you think of me
a wave goes out
into the oceanic
to mark a moment
will never come

When you think of me
I will not know
until my heart will hear
the sound of yours
a remembrance.

When you think of me
close your eyes and see
the light of my heart
across a spaceless place
that holds
our hearts

When you think of me
I will think of you
and in that moment
there can be
no chains.


She changes her color
so quickly from
orange to yellow
to white.

Rising up like
the specter of some
ancient and
girl stepping in
to a bright shining
beam of the sun.

And why not?

She is
after all
a kind of a maid
circling there
in the darkness alone.

Her face gazes down
at the bright
and the blue of a world
which holds her
in its grasp
unrelenting and cold
but beautiful.

Does she long
for the freedom
to float on her own
in the vastness
that wildly echoes.

Is there ever a time
when she stuggles
to fly?
Does she have
any heart that will break?

Poor beautiful thing
riding there in the sky
catching all of the wishes
that young
lovers send to her each
night as she wafts across
the dark.

Does she envy their
desperate hearts?


Something is passed
down to us.
A deep and secret
longing to find
meaning in existence
and our place in it.


When she wrote her name

it was as if the world sang.

Of course, that was my adolescent
boyman hormones
telling me that
everything she did was music.

I met her again
in a store on Dorado Street.

Her hair has gone mostly
gray and her hands
show the years but her eyes
still smile when she speaks

and the corners of
her mouth turn up a little
when she remembers
that I loved her.


Leaping free from the side
of an old Chevrolet
pick up truck
I planted my feet in
the dark soil.

She cast a glance
and jumped
unafraid and unrestrained
her dimples deepening
as she laughed.

The old man
our grandfather
climbed the metal stairs
and I knew that
this day would remain.

We ran behind him
watching his hands as they
drew the oil soaked
metal measuring tape
from the tank.

With a stub of a pencil he
copied the numbers into
a small paper pad
and placed it back into
the pocket of his Big Smiths.

Descending again
we ran ahead and leapt
feet first
from the fifth tread
crossing moist air

to land light as children
run laughing and fly
into the back of that old truck
as the old man
             closed the door.


A moment comes when you open
a drawer and there is a photograph.
Stunned is not, perhaps, the word,
but it stops your hand and draws
your gaze

Then you are surprised to find
that tears have come, unbidden.

Your fingers touch that face
and your palm remembers.
Your heart remembers
a voice that spoke words-

I know.
I love you.


The bark of a tree
on the bare of my palm
feels precisely opposite
the smooth of your skin.


At the far end
of the pasture
ran the horses

naked and lithe
as though they might
lift into flight.

"Damn!" she said
"Look at em go!"

She was younger then
bright eyes wide
with the thought of it.


We walk on stones
broad and flat that lie
so still

and when
we walk on sand or leaves
the memory of stone



Air moves cool across
the void created
when the trees fell.


A moment was all but in
that moment she appeared
shimmering in the eye
of the universe.